ABC - Afterburner CMS

We make building sites as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Install the gem.

Grab it off of rubygems with:

gem install abc

Add it to an existing Rails project:

gem 'abc'

Or fetch it directly from Github:

gem 'abc', :git => 'git://'

2. ???

TODO: Fill this in

3. Profit!


Using it with Rails

You need to mount both the backend (administrative section) and the frontend (user-facing section) in your rails app. This can be accomplished by adding the following to your config/routes.rb:

mount Abc::Backend::Engine  => '/admin'
mount Abc::Frontend::Engine => '/'

NOTE: Do not use the :as option when mounting the Afterburner engines. This will yield unfavorable results / all manner of brokenness.


To run the tests inside a subproject (i.e. /core):

bundle exec rspec spec

To run all tests:


To bundle install for all the projects:


To run some command in all sub-projects:

script/run somecommand

To list out the sub-projects: