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abbreviato is a Ruby library for truncating HTML strings keeping the markup valid. It is a fork of jorgemanrubia/truncato but focused on truncating to a bytesize, not on a per-character basis.


In your Gemfile

gem 'abbreviato'


truncated_string, was_truncated = Abbreviato.truncate("<p>some text</p>", max_length: 4)
# => ["<p>s...</p>", true]

The configuration options are:

  • max_length: The size, in bytes, to truncate (30 by default)
  • tail: The string to append when the truncation occurs ('…' by default).
  • fragment: Indicates whether the document to be truncated is an HTML fragment or an entire document (with HTML, HEAD & BODY tags). Setting to true prevents automatic addition of these tags if they are missing. Defaults to true.


Abbreviato was designed with performance in mind. Its main motivation was that existing libs couldn't truncate a multiple-MB document into a few-KB one in a reasonable time. It uses the Nokogiri SAX parser.

Running the tests

bundle exec rake

Running a single test

rspec spec/abbreviato/abbreviato_spec.rb
rspec spec/abbreviato/abbreviato_spec.rb:357

Running all checks

bundle exec rake spec


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