This is merb plugin for exception notification with hoptoad. It should work with any merb app that's based on merb 1.0 and higher

This plugin: The original:


1) Get your api key for your app from

2) Add the api key to config/hoptoad.yml with a similar syntax as the following

:development: &defaults



<<: *defaults


<<: *defaults



3) Require hoptoad in init.rb require 'merb_hoptoad_notifier'

4) Add the following method to your Exceptions controller. Depending on your merb version you'll need to use the exceptions,standard_error, or internal_server error as the action name. Kinda weak, but the API changed a lot in 0.9.x

class Exceptions < Merb::Controller

if %w( staging production ).include?(Merb.env)
  def standard_error
    HoptoadNotifier.notify_hoptoad(request, session)


5) Restart the server, trigger an error(in staging or prod) and check that it arrived at hoptoad :)

Filtersing your post environment

If you have environmental variables set in your ruby process that should not be sent to hoptoad, there's a mechanism for filtering those attributes now. Throw something like this in config/init.rb

Merb::BootLoader.after_app_loads do

HoptoadNotifier.environment_filters = %w(^AWS ^EC2 SECRET PRIVATE KEY)


Each of these words will be compiled into a regex so you should be able to use anchors if needed.

Thanks to the following GitHubbers

joakimk, fairchild and cv.