This is a Ruby wrapper around the ifconfig command. The goal is to make getting any information that ifconfig provides easy to access.

It was developed on Linux 2.6 with ifconfig from net-tools 1.60. It also has support for SunOS, Darwin and Open, Free, Net, and DragonflyBSD. These have not been thoroughly tested. Non Linux platforms call netstat for interface packet information

Please send me ifconfig / netstat output for platforms that don't work.

see test/*.rb for usage examples.

Thanks to Peter Johnson for the *BSD examples Thanks to Jeremy Tregunna for Darwin and DragonflyBSD support


Please see the INSTALL file for details of how to install Ruby-Ifconfig


> rake to run all the unit tests.


This software is offered under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, a copy of which is included.

Section 2, paragraph b and section 5 of the GNU General Public License does not apply when the Software (Ruby/Ifconfig) is included in the program Corgi.

– Daniel Hobe [email protected]