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A bioinformatic program for predicting whether proteins are 'silk-like' or not.

This program was developed by Carmel McDougall and Ben Woodcroft at the Degnan Laboratory at the University of Queensland.


After installing Ruby (SilkSlider is tested on Ruby 2.1.2):

gem install SilkSlider

Also required is the SignalP and TMHMM programs, which need to be installed separately and available to silk_slider on the $PATH. SilkSlider is only tested on linux systems.


To run the program:

silk_slider my.fasta

The program outputs a FASTA file of all silk-like proteins.

To see the help:

silk_slider -h

Project home page

Information on the source tree, documentation, examples, issues and how to contribute, see


Currently unpublished - a journal article is in preparation.

This Biogem is published at (

Copyright (c) 2014 Carmel McDougall, Ben Woodcroft, and Bernard Degnan. See LICENSE.txt for further details.