Reposh - what's this?

Without reposh, you type like this:

$ svk di
$ svk ci
$ svk st
$ ls

but this is not DRY :)

With reposh, you can omit typing all 'svk's:

$ reposh
Welcome to reposh x.y.z (mode: svk)
> di
> ci
>          # just push [Enter] for 'svk status'
> :ls      # start with ':' to run shell commands

How to use

(1) write /home/(your name)/.reposh.yaml (2) cd to your working directory (3) reposh.rb [Enter]


see reposh.rb –help


  • exit, quit, ^D(^Z)

    • Quit reposh

  • :ls ~/

    • Run “ls ~/” by shell

  • [Enter]

    • Equals to “status” (you can change this by .reposh.yaml)

  • %reload

    • Reload reposh.rb (for reposh developper)

    • Some more commands starts with % are supported: see source

All other commands are passed to vcs system.


see sample.reposh.yaml