README for Roy Orbjson , the JSON-RPC/Ruby ORB

Orbjson is a JSON-RPC ORB (object request broker) library that allows Web applications to respond to JSON-RPC requests (including, but not limited to, the XmlHttpRequest object), executing Ruby code on the server but sending back JSON-serialized objects to the client.

Client code may then be written that treats all method invocations as local; the jsonrpc.js handles the object serialization for the client, and the ruby-json code handles the json marshaling on the server.

For more API detals, see the docs for Orbjson::System

For a more general explanation, with an example, please see

For general inforamtion, please see

Copyright © 2005 James Britt & Neurogami LLC

Big thanks to Florian Franks for his ruby-json lib, and Jamis Buck for Needle

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version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.

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