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The name is an homage to one of my favorite mathematicians: Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev. The Chebyshev polynomial is such an important concept in mathematics and I am eternally grateful for his discovery of that. Additionally, shortening his name to the nickname Cheby works really well with Ruby.


This is a gem that is designed to aid with numerical analysis and scientific computing in Ruby. As of now it has relatively rudimentary numeric integration and differentiation methods heavily inspired by the Apache Commons[Math] project. The end goal is for this to be a substantive numerical analysis suite for Ruby.


Contributors are more than welcome. The style rules I abide by are:

  • 2 spaces for indentation
  • 80 character max column size
  • Single quote unless a double quote is necessary
  • Yard style commenting
  • Use Class::X to refer to a constant and Class.x to refer to a class method.


This work is under the MIT License. (Eli Sadoff 2016)