Connect to the 4info SMS gateway

If you're using 4info.com as your SMS gateway this gem will give you a painless API for both sending and receiving messages.

Setting Up Your Model

Include Txter::Contactable into your User class or whatever you're using to represent an entity with a phone number.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Txter::Contactable

You can also specify which attributes you'd like to use instead of the defaults

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Txter::Contactable

  sms_phone_number_column            :mobile_number
  sms_blocked_column                 :is_sms_blocked
  sms_confirmation_code_column       :the_sms_confirmation_code
  sms_confirmation_attempted_column  :when_was_the_sms_confirmation_attempted
  sms_confirmed_phone_number_column  :the_mobile_number_thats_been_confirmed

  # Defaults to the name on the left (minus the '_column' at the end)

Turning the thing on

Because it can be expensive to send TXTs accidentally, it's required that you manually configure Txter in your app. Put this line in config/environments/production.rb or anything that loads only in your production environment:

Txter.mode = :live

Skipping this step (or adding any other value) will prevent TXTs from actually being sent.

You'll also want to configure your setup with your client_id and client_key. Put this in the same file as above or in a separate initializer if you wish:

Txter.configure do |config|
  # these two are required:
  # (replace them with your actual account info)
  config.client_id = 12345
  config.client_key = 'ABC123'

  # the rest are optional:
  config.short_code     = 00001 # if you have a custom short code
  config.proxy_address  = 'my.proxy.com'
  config.proxy_port     = '80'
  config.proxy_username = 'user'
  config.proxy_password = 'password'

Phone number formatting

Whatever is stored in the sms_phone_number_column will be subject to normalized formatting:

user = User.create :sms_phone_number => '(206) 555-1234'
user.sms_phone_number # => 2065551234

If you want to preserve the format of the number exactly as the user entered it you'll want to save that in a different attribute.

Confirming Phone Number And Sending Messages

You can manage the user's SMS state like so:

@user = User.create(:sms_phone_number => '5552223333')
@user.sms_confirmed? # => false

then ask the user for the confirmation code off their phone and pass it in to sms_confirm_with:


If the code is right then the user's current phone number will be automatically marked as confirmed. You can check this at any time with:

@user.sms_confirmed? # => true
@user.send_sms!("Hi! This is a text message.")

Then maybe the user will reply with 'BLOCK' by accident and @user.sms_blocked? will be true. You can fix this by calling:


Receiving Messages From 4info.com

You can also receive data posted to you from 4info.com. This is how you'll receive messages and notices that users have been blocked. All you need is to create a bare controller and include Txter::Controller into it. Then specify which Ruby class you're using as a contactable user model (likely User)

class SMSController < ApplicationController
  include Txter::Controller

  sms_contactable User # or whichever class you included Txter::Contactable into

And hook this up in your routes.rb file like so:

ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
  map.route '4info', :controller => 'txter', :action => :index

Now just tell 4info.com to POST messages and block notices to you at:


Now if your users reply to an SMS with 'STOP' your database will be updated to reflect this.

Incoming messages from a user will automatically be sent to that user's record:

# If "I love you!" is sent to you from a user with the phone # number "555-111-9999" then the following will be executed: User.find_by_sms_phone_number('5551119999').receive_sms("I love you!")

That's it. Patches welcome, forks celebrated.

Copyright (c) 2010 Jack Danger Canty, released under the MIT license