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Unicron provides a simple mechanism for scheduling one-off and repeating tasks to execute at specific times in the background of a long-running Ruby process.

Tasks are represented as Job instances added to a JobQueue. A Schedule manages a single background thread which pops items off the JobQueue and runs them one at a time. Unicron manages a default Schedule for simplicity, but it is safe to create more - each will run its own thread with its own JobQueue. Since a Schedule only runs one Job at a time, a Job that is blocked or processing could potentially delay other Jobs on the same Schedule. For that reason, you may want to use a separate Schedule for long-running tasks.

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Classes: Job, JobQueue, Schedule

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.schedule(options = {}, &block) ⇒ Object

Create a new Job and add it to the default Schedule. See Job::new for available options.

# File 'lib/unicron.rb', line 22

def self.schedule options={}, &block
  (@@default_schedule ||= options, &block