SWF Train (swiff train)

SWF Train is a simple and flexible Rails helper for embedding SWFs in your views. It requires jQuery and jQuery SWFObject.


gem install swf_train


# <head>
javascript_include_tag %w(jquery-1.3.2.min jquery.swfobject.1-1-1.min)

# <body>
swf 'my_swf.swf'
swf 'subdirectory/of/public/another.swf', :width => 500, :height => 300
swf 'http://example.com/yet_another.swf', :wmode => 'opaque'

Passing in FlashVars is easy:

swf 'swf/foo.swf', :flashvars => {:foo => 'chacha', :bar => 250}

By default, a DOM element is automatically created based on a variation of the swf filename, but you can override it like so:

swf 'swf/foo.swf', :dom_id => 'custom_dom_dom_doobie', :create_dom_container => false

SWF Train provides built-in support for the awesome non-blocking head.js library, so you can use jQuery on the body of the page even though it is not included yet:

swf 'swf/foo.swf', :use_headjs => true

See full auto-generated documentation at rdoc.info/projects/zeke/swf_train


  • v1.0+ requires Rails 3
  • v0.0.2 is compatible with Rails 2


bundle exec rake spec


Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Zeke Sikelianos. See LICENSE for details.