Pony Up

A friendly DSL on top of Rake to define and launch your cloud services. Uses Fog to talk to the cloud.

This is all for AWS right now.


  • Infrastructure as code
  • Start with basic building blocks: security groups, hosts, etc
  • Everything at a higher level can be done by chef
  • Provide the transition from lower layer (fog) to apps (chef)



First, set up your ~/.fog file with credentials and defaults:

  :aws_access_key_id: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  :aws_secret_access_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  :region: us-east-1
  :key_name: production
  :image_id: ami-9b85eef2
  :flavor_id: t1.micro

Your key_name field should have a matching ~/.ssh/key_name.pem file. If you name the group in fog anything other than default you will need to use the FOG_CREDENTIAL environment variable when running rake.


require_relative 'lib/ponyup'

security 'web', [80, 8080]

host 'appserver', 'web', 'recipe[appserver]'

task :default => :ponyup


To set up your full set of hosts and security groups:

rake FOG_CREDENTIAL=production

To tear down your server:

rake host:appserver:destroy [FOG_CREDENTIAL=...]

To see all availabe tasks:

rake -D


There are examples in the exmaples/ directory.