v0.1.0 (alpha release)

A program and API for minifying websites and web applications and deploying them from version control.

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SiteFuel is a Ruby program

Use SiteFuel to:

System Requirements

SiteFuel hasn't been tested on Windows machines.


SiteFuel is deployed as a RubyGem through You should be able to install it directly using RubyGems:

$ gem install -t sitefuel

Note that for PNG and JPEG compression to be enabled you must install the =pngcrush= and =jpegtran= programs.

Getting Started


Reporting a Bug

A Note About the API

The general API in SiteFuel should be considered unstable while SiteFuel is <1.0. For practical reasons we can't increment the major version number each time there is a non-backwards compatible API change.…

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