Greeb is a simple yet awesome and Unicode-aware text segmentator that is based on regular expressions.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'greeb'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install greeb


Greeb can help you to solve simple text processing problems:

pp Greeb::Tokenizer.tokenize('Hello!')
[#<struct Greeb::Entity from=0, to=5, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=5, to=6, type=:punct>]

It should be noted that it is possible to process much complex texts:

text =<<-EOF
Hello! I am 18! My favourite number is 133.7...

What about you?

pp Greeb::Tokenizer.tokenize(text)
[#<struct Greeb::Entity from=0, to=5, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=5, to=6, type=:punct>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=6, to=7, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=7, to=8, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=8, to=9, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=9, to=11, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=11, to=12, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=12, to=14, type=:integer>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=14, to=15, type=:punct>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=15, to=16, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=16, to=18, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=18, to=19, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=19, to=28, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=28, to=29, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=29, to=35, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=35, to=36, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=36, to=38, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=38, to=39, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=39, to=44, type=:float>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=44, to=47, type=:punct>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=47, to=49, type=:break>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=49, to=53, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=53, to=54, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=54, to=59, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=59, to=60, type=:separ>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=60, to=63, type=:letter>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=63, to=64, type=:punct>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=64, to=65, type=:break>]

Also it can be used to solve the text segmentation problems such as sentence detection tasks:

text = 'Hello! How are you?'
tokens = Greeb::Tokenizer.tokenize(text)
[#<struct Greeb::Entity from=0, to=6, type=:sentence>,
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=7, to=19, type=:sentence>]

It is possible to extract tokens that were processed by the text segmentator:

text = 'Hello! How are you?'
tokens = Greeb::Tokenizer.tokenize(text)
segmentator =
pp segmentator.extract(segmentator.sentences)
{#<struct Greeb::Entity from=0, to=6, type=:sentence>=>
  [#<struct Greeb::Entity from=0, to=5, type=:letter>,
   #<struct Greeb::Entity from=5, to=6, type=:punct>],
 #<struct Greeb::Entity from=7, to=19, type=:sentence>=>
  [#<struct Greeb::Entity from=7, to=10, type=:letter>,
   #<struct Greeb::Entity from=10, to=11, type=:separ>,
   #<struct Greeb::Entity from=11, to=14, type=:letter>,
   #<struct Greeb::Entity from=14, to=15, type=:separ>,
   #<struct Greeb::Entity from=15, to=18, type=:letter>,
   #<struct Greeb::Entity from=18, to=19, type=:punct>]}


Greeb operates with entities, tuples of (from, to, kind), where from is a beginning of the entity, to is an ending of the entity, and kind is a type of the entity.

There are several entity types: :letter, :float, :integer, :separ, :punct (for punctuation), :spunct (for in-sentence punctuation), and :break.


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