# J M E T E R P L U G I N S at G O O G L E C O D E

  1. What is it?

This library contains additional plugins for Apache JMeter Tool. See project site here: code.google.com/p/jmeter-plugins/

  1. Installation and Usage

Just copy the JAR file into JMeter's lib/ext directory. Then you can start JMeter and add additional items to your Test Plan. Java version 1.6 and JMeter 2.4 are required. Found full installation guide at: code.google.com/p/jmeter-plugins/wiki/PluginInstall

  1. Latest Downloads, Project Page, Troubleshooting, Feedback

Visit code.google.com/p/jmeter-plugins/ for latest information and downloads. For troubleshooting and feedback use groups.google.com/group/jmeter-plugins