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This is the complete source code for the Rails app that powers my personal site and blog. I mostly write about music, programming, or other geek-related topics based on what I’m working on at the moment and the things I’ve learned on that journey.

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I began this blog as a Rack app that served a static Jekyll site, and used Sprockets to package assets on the fly. After cobbling around with that setup for a year or so, I began to learn more about how to “minimize” a Rails app’s footprint for better performance. So instead of wrestling with Jekyll to get it to function the way I wanted, I implemented its concepts directly into the Rails framework


Content delivery is powered by [ActiveCopy][ac], a library I wrote to sort-of emulate Jekyll in the Rails ecosystem. Basically, you generate models called “documents” that behave just like ActiveRecord models, but instead of looking up information from the database, they read Markdown and [YAML front matter][yfm] from the app/documents folder of your application. Just like with Jekyll, a simple git push && cap deploy will post a new article to the server and precompile each page. ActiveCopy controllers use a custom ActionView handler to generate HTML from Markdown using the powerful Redcarpet engine, and since the controller is by design caching every page in production, the pages or articles you generate using ActiveCopy are precompiled into HTML on deployment. With just a little server-side configuration, you can mix the power of Jekyll’s static site generation with the amazing server-side capabilities of the Rails stack.


  • Fix GET /status.json
  • Add jQuery.ticker plugin for reading JSON data.