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Precompiled binaries for image_optim.

Contains binaries for Mac OS X (>= 10.6, i386 and x86_64), Linux (i686 and x86_64), FreeBSD (i386 and amd64) and OpenBSD (i386 and amd64).

Binaries and libraries

NOTE: On FreeBSD and OpenBSD make is not the GNU Make, so gmake should be used instead.

You can download all source code using gnu make download target:

sh make download


sh gem install image_optim image_optim_pack

Or add to your Gemfile:

ruby gem 'image_optim' gem 'image_optim_pack'


Mac OS X binaries and libraries are built on host, others using vagrant.

Boxes for vagrant are built using veewee, check boxes/Rakefile and boxes/definitions.

```sh script/run # Build and test all for all oses and architectures script/run NO_HALT=1 # Don’t halt VMs after building script/run NO_UP=1 # Don’t start VMs before building (will fail if not already running) script/run darwin 64 # Build only platforms matching darwin or 64

make # Build all tools and copy them to vendor/OS-ARCH for current OS and ARCH, then test make all # same

make livecheck # Check versions make update-versions # Update versions in Makefile

make download # Download archives make download-tidy-up # Remove old archives make build # Build all without copying to output directory

make test # Test bins for current os/arch make test -i # Continue if one of bins fail

make clean # Remove build and output directories for current os/arch make clean-all # Remove build root and output root directories make clobber # clean-all and remove download directory ```

Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Ivan Kuchin. See LICENSE.txt for details.