Ruby library that utilizes the EAN ( API for locating available hotels (and maybe rental cars and flights someday, too).


Install the gem: gem install suitcase. Or, to get the latest bleeding edge add this to your project's Gemfile: gem 'suitcase', :git => "".


First, configure the library:

  Suitcase::Configuration.hotel_api_key = "..." # set the Hotel API key from
  Suitcase::Configuration.cid = "..." # set the CID from
  Suitcase::Configuration.cache = # set the caching mechanism (see below)

Find nearby hotels:

  hotels = Suitcase::Hotel.find(:location => 'Boston, MA', :results => 10) # Returns 10 closest hotels to Boston, MA
  room = hotels.first.rooms(arrival: "2/19/2012", departure: "2/26/2012", rooms: [{ children: 1, ages: [8] }, { children: 1, ages: [12] }] # Check the availability of two rooms at that hotel with 1 child in each room of ages 8 and 9
  room.reserve!(info) # See wiki page "User flow" for options



You can setup a cache to store all API requests that do not contain secure information (i.e. anything but booking requests). A cache needs to be able store deeply nested Hashes and have a method called [] to access them. An example of setting the cache is given above. Check the examples/hash_adapter.rb for a trivial example of the required methods. A Redis adapter should be coming soon.


Please submit any useful pull requests through GitHub. If you find any bugs, please report them with the issue tracker! Thanks.