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  1. Installing the Heroku add-on

    To use Hoptoad on Heroku, install the Hoptoad add-on:

    $ heroku addons:add hoptoad:basic # This adds the the basic plan. # If you'd like another plan, specify that instead.

  2. Including the Hoptoad notifier in your application

    After adding the Hoptoad add-on, you will need to install and configure the Hoptoad notifier.

Your application connects to Hoptoad with an API key. On Heroku, this is automatically provided to your application in ENV['HOPTOAD_API_KEY'], so installation should be a snap!

Rails 3.x

Add the hoptoad_notifier and heroku gems to your Gemfile. In Gemfile:

gem 'hoptoad_notifier'
gem 'heroku'

Then from your project's RAILS_ROOT, run:

$ bundle install
$ script/rails generate hoptoad --heroku

Rails 2.x

Install the heroku gem if you haven't already:

gem install heroku

Add the hoptoad_notifier gem to your app. In config/environment.rb:

config.gem 'hoptoad_notifier'

Then from your project's RAILS_ROOT, run:

$ rake gems:install
$ rake gems:unpack GEM=hoptoad_notifier
$ script/generate hoptoad --heroku

As always, if you choose not to vendor the hoptoad_notifier gem, make sure every server you deploy to has the gem installed or your application won't start.

Rack applications

In order to use hoptoad_notifier in a non-Rails rack app, just load the hoptoad_notifier, configure your API key, and use the HoptoadNotifier::Rack middleware:

require 'rubygems'
require 'rack'
require 'hoptoad_notifier'

HoptoadNotifier.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = `ENV['HOPTOAD_API_KEY']`

app = Rack::Builder.app do
  use HoptoadNotifier::Rack
  run lambda { |env| raise "Rack down" }

Rails 1.x

For Rails 1.x, visit the Hoptoad notifier's README on GitHub, and be sure to use ENV['HOPTOAD_API_KEY'] where your API key is required in configuration code.

  1. Configure your notification settings (important!) ---------------------------------------------------

Once you have included and configured the notifier in your application, you will want to configure your notification settings.

This is important - without setting your email address, you won't receive notification emails.

Hoptoad can deliver exception notifications to your email inbox. To configure these delivery settings:

  1. Visit your application's Hoptoad Add-on page, like http://api.heroku.com/myapps/my-great-app/addons/hoptoad:basic
  2. Click "Go to Hoptoad admin" to configure the Hoptoad Add-on on the Hoptoadapp.com website
  3. Click the "Profile" button in the header to edit your email address and notification settings.

  4. Optionally: Set up deploy notification

If your Hoptoad plan supports deploy notification, set it up for your Heroku application like this:

rake hoptoad:heroku:add_deploy_notification

This will install a Heroku HTTP Deploy Hook to notify Hoptoad of the deploy.