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TL;DR gem install sprinkles



gem install sprinkles

Or with Bundler

# Add to Gemfile

gem 'sprinkles'

Dead Easy

require 'sprinkles/hash/autovivify'
require 'sprinkles/hash/has_keys'
require 'sprinkles/hash/threadsafe'

over_eager = Hash.auto # That's one happy hash.

# > a = {}
# {}
# > a[1][2][3] = 4
# 4
# > a[7] = 'a'
# 'a'
# > a.has_all_keys? 1, 7 # only if all keys are found
# true
# > a.has_all_keys? 1, 'other'
# false 
# > a.has_keys? 1, 'other' # if any keys are found
# true
# > a.has_keys? 1
# true
# > a.has_keys? 'bad', 'other'
# false

Other Ruby ways to do the same thing

require 'sprinkles'

sprinkles :hash => [ :has_keys, :autovivify, :threadsafe ] 


require 'sprinkles'

sprinkles 'hash/has_keys', 'hash/autovivify', 'hash/threadsafe'

(also works)

sprinkles 'hash/has_keys'
sprinkles 'hash/autovivify'
sprinkles 'hash/threadsafe'

(or require everything)

require 'sprinkles/taste/the/rainbow'

require 'sprinkles/nuclear/plant/inspector' 

# Just for fun, don't use in production plz plz.


It's here


  1. Q: Does the world really need another giant, heavy-weight mixin library?

    A: Not really. But, I've yet to find one as ridiculously overpowered as this. I'm sure you'll agree once you have thread-safe Hashes with 0 effort.

  2. Q: Dude, this sucks!

    A: Get a girlfriend

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require 'rubygems'
require 'sprinkles'

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