rafka-rb: Ruby driver for Rafka

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Rafka is a thin Ruby client library for Rafka, providing a consumer and a producer with simple semantics. It is backed by redis-rb.

View the API documentation.


Rafka is not yet stable and therefore is not recommended for production use.

Getting started

Install rafka-rb:

$ gem install rafka

If you're using Bundler, add it to your Gemfile:

gem "rafka"

and run bundle install.



require "rafka"

prod = Rafka::Producer.new(host: "localhost", port: 6380)
prod.produce("greetings", "Hello there!") # produce to topic "greetings"


require "rafka"

cons = Rafka::Consumer.new(topic: "greetings", group: "myapp", id: "greeter1")
cons.consume # => "Hello there!"

# with a block
cons.consume { |msg| puts "Received: #{msg.value}" } # => "Hello there!"

Rafka::Consumer#consume automatically commits the offsets when the given block is executed without raising any exceptions.