This gem wraps the API available for the VPS hosting company WebbyNode. Details and a preliminary design document for the API itself are available here. Functionality is currently based on the API guide version 2.

Currently Supported API functionality

  • Client information such as account status, contact/address info, credit
  • Webby information (status) and simple actions (start, shutdown, reboot)
  • List all webbies
  • DNS zone information such as domain name, TTL, and status
  • Look up DNS zone by domain name
  • List of all individual records in a given DNS zone
  • Creation/deletion of DNS zones
  • Activation/deactivation of DNS zones
  • DNS record creation and deletion

Planned Features

  • DNS record editing
  • Whatever else WebbyNode gives us in the API :)



  • httparty
  • crack


  • thoughtbot-shoulda
  • jeremymcanally-matchy
  • fakeweb
  • jgre-monkeyspecdoc

Usage and Examples

Command-Line Utility

This gem now includes a basic commandline utility named webby. You can pass your email and token as commandline options, or place them in a YAML file in ~/.webbynode.yml, like so: email: example@email.com token: 123456abcdef You can then use the commandline utility like so webby -a webby status webby1 webby -a webby restart webby1 If you do not create the YAML file, the above lines might look like: webby -email example@email.com -token 123456abcdef -a webby status webby1 webby -email example@email.com -token 123456abcdef -a webby restart webby1

Gem Usage

Please visit the YARD documentation hosted at rdoc.info for usage, documentation and examples.

Alternately, the YARD docs can be generated and viewed locally if you have the yard gem installed. rake yardoc open doc/index.html


Copyright (c) 2009 Shane Sveller. See LICENSE for details.