This gem provides access to data from Channel Advisor (CA). It contains files generated by soap4r using the WSDL files provided on the Channel Advisor Developer Network web site and a thin wrapper to help with authorization and error handling.

How to Access CA

require 'rubygems'
require 'channel_advisor/inventory_service'

configatron.channel_advisor. = 'YOUR ACCOUNT ID'
configatron.channel_advisor.developer_key = 'YOUR DEVELOPER KEY'
configatron.channel_advisor.password = 'YOUR API PASSWORD'

criteria =
criteria.skuStartsWith = 'SR123'
criteria.pageNumber = 1
criteria.pageSize = 10

inventory =
result = inventory.getFilteredSkuList(criteria)
["SR123756282", "SR123666418", "SR1232641972"]

How to Generate the API Classes

* If there is a new service, add it to "services = %w(admin_service inventory_service ...)" in Rakefile
* Execute "rake generate"

Change Log

= 0.3.0 - Updated to CA API v6
= 0.2.0 - Updated to CA API v4
= 0.1.0 - Updated to CA API v3; Switched to jeweler and bundler
= 0.0.8 - Updated to reflect the latest Channel Advisor API Spec; Adding ListingService
= 0.0.7 - Updated to reflect the 2009-10-24 Channel Advisor Release; Added error messages to ChannelAdvisor::Error
< 0.0.6 - Everything else