TTFunk is a TrueType font parser written in pure ruby.


The recommended installation method is via Rubygems.

gem install ttfunk


Basic usage:

require 'ttfunk'

file ="some/path/myfont.ttf")
puts "name    : #{', ')}"
puts "ascent  : #{file.ascent}"
puts "descent : #{file.descent}"

For more detailed examples, explore the examples directory.


  • Brad Ediger

  • Daniel Nelson

  • Jonathan Greenberg

  • James Healy


Matz's terms for Ruby, GPLv2, or GPLv3. See LICENSE for details.


ttfunk was originally developed by Gregory Brown as part of the Prawn project. In 2010, Gregory officially handed the project off to the Prawn core team. Currently active maintainers include Brad Ediger, Daniel Nelson, James Healy, and Jonathan Greenberg.

While he was only with us for a short time before moving on to other things, we'd also like to thank Prawn core team emeritus Jamis Buck for his contributions.

You can find the full list of Github users who have at least one patch accepted to ttfunk at:

Mailing List

TTFunk is maintained as a dependency of prawn, the ruby PDF generation library.

Any questions or feedback should be sent to the Prawn google group.