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Mask provides a string utility to manipulate strings in logicomathematical manner, ie. add, subtract, xor, etc.


Mask objects can be created explicitly via #new.

m1 ="abc..123", '.')
m2 ="ab..789.", '.')
m1 - m2                             #=> "....789."

But the String#mask extension is much easier to use.

m1 = "abc..123".mask('.')
m2 = "ab..789.".mask('.')
m1 * m2                             #=> "ab..789."

The second operand can be a normal String. Mask will assume it repesents another mask akin to the first.

"abc..123".mask('.') + "ab..789."   #=> "abc.7893"


To install with RubyGems simply open a console and type:

$ gem install strmask


Copyright © 2009 Thomas Sawyer, Rubyworks

This program is ditributed unser the terms of the FreeBSD license.

See the NOTICE.rdoc file for details.