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Ruby Object Mapper (ROM) is a data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby with the goal to provide powerful object mapping capabilities without limiting the full power of your datastore.

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Support Campaign

You can support ROM's development via our campaign on Bountysource. Cheers!


There are other gems within the rom ecosystem that you will find useful:

  • rom-repository a higher-level, convenient abstraction with auto-mapping
  • rom-model extensions for coercion and validation


See issues for a list of adapters that are planned to be added soon.

Framework integrations


ROM is on its way towards 1.0.0. You can see an overview of tasks scheduled for 1.0.0 on our waffle board. Please notice that most of the 1.0.0 features/changes will become part of minor (0.x) upgrades before 1.0.0 final gets released.



This project has a long history and wouldn't exist without following people:


See LICENSE file.