Rhomobile Documentation Project

This is a simple CMS and documentation for the Rhomobile platform: http://docs.rhomobile.com

Edge changes to this repository are tracked realtime on http://edgedocs.rhomobile.com

If you'd like to propose an edit to the Rhomobile docs, fork this repo, then send us a pull request.

This tool is based off the excellent heroku-docs project!


  • On Windows? Install the Development Kit. Then run:

    $ gem install rdiscount --platform=ruby -v=1.6.8
  • Run the following commands:

    # install prereqs and shotgun the docs server

Rebuilding & Publishing

This app loads content from sub-directories located in config.yml.

This will copy all content from the sub-directories into docs/. Then push to heroku:

$ git add docs/
$ git commit -m "adding new docs"
$ git push heroku master

The app loads content from the docs subdirectory. Pages are served with a 1 hour cache setting.

NOTE: Do NOT checkin changes to docs/(subdirectory) (i.e. docs/rhodes/). The content in docs/(subdirectory) are managed by the separate repositories. For example, content in docs/rhodes/ is maintained in the rhodes repo https://github.com/rhomobile/rhodes.


Originally written by Ryan Tomayko and Adam Wiggins. This application is maintained by Rhomobile Dev.

Code is released under the MIT License

All rights reserved on the content (text files in the docs subdirectory), although you're welcome to modify these for the purpose of suggesting edits.