vimilicious is a gem/library that you can use on top of vim-ruby for easier vim scripting, vim 'app' creation, or whatever you want

i love vim. i even love vim's built-in scripting ... sometimes.

vim's scripting is pretty shitty for making complex, maintainable applications or complicated scripts, though. the perfect example is rails.vim. as much as i love and adore rails.vim ... have you ever looked at the source? holy shit!

using ruby for some of your vim scripting or application creation can make your life much easier. only those with vim compiled with ruby support will be able to take advantage of vimilicious or Vimilicious based scripts/applications, but that's okay in my book.
we don't code in C just because not everyone has ruby installed, do we?


$ sudo gem install vimilicious


The best place to start is by looking at the Vimilicious API:

You can also view examples:

see Vimilicious documentation or examples