Platonic Config

A mixin to allow easy class and instance level configuration, with easy defaults.


shell gem install platonic_config

Example Usage

```ruby require ‘platonic_config’ class MyAwesomeShirt include PlatonicConfig define_options :color => ‘red’, :size => ‘large’, :logo => nil end

MyAwesomeShirt.color # => ‘red’ MyAwesomeShirt.color ‘blue’ MyAwesomeShirt.color # => ‘blue’

MyAwesomeShirt.config do |c| c.size ‘large’ end

MyAwesomeShirt.size # => ‘large’

shirt =

shirt.config do |c| c.logo ‘Batman’ c.size ‘medium’ end

shirt.logo # => ‘Batman’ shirt.options # => { :color => ‘red’, :size => ‘medium’, :logo => ‘Batman’ }

MyAwesomeShirt.reset_defaults MyAwesomeShirt.options # => :color => ‘red’, :size => ‘large’, :logo => nil another_shirt = another_shirt.options # => :color => ‘red’, :size => ‘large’, :logo => nil ```


To start using PlatonicConfig, include the module in your class, and set the default configuration values.

ruby class C include PlatonicConfig define_options :opt1 => 'foo', :opt2 => 'bar' end

On the class

From this point on, your class will respond to all these configuration options, and be able to be configured using a block.

ruby C.config do |c| c.opt1 'spam' end

Any individual option can be queried with the option name, or all options can be looked at with “options”.

ruby C.opt1 # => 'spam' C.options # => { :opt1 => 'foo', :opt2 => 'bar' }

To reset configuration to the defaults you specified, call reset_defaults.

ruby C.reset_defaults

On the instance

Any new instances of your class can be configured independently

ruby instance = instance.config do |c| c.opt2 'bananas' end

All options are merged with the options set in the class, with the instance variables overriding. Any of these options can be queried individually, or examined all at once.

ruby instance.opt2 # => 'bananas' instance.options # => { :opt1 => 'foo', :opt2 => 'bananas' }

To clear the options set on the instance (and letting the class defaults come through), call reset_defaults.

ruby instance.reset_defaults