MetasploitDataModels Build Status

The database layer for Metasploit


MetasploitDataModels exists to do several key things:

  1. Allow code sharing between Metasploit Framework (MSF) and the commercial versions of Metasploit (Community, Express, Pro -- usually referred to collectively as "Pro")

  2. Give developers a lightweight entry point to MSF's backend for use in developing tools that gather data intended for later use with Metasploit (e.g. specialized scanners).

  3. Make it easy to keep commercial stuff private while increasing the functionality of the open-source tools we provide to the community.



In a Rails application, MetasploitDataModels acts a Rails Engine and the models are available to application just as if they were defined under app/models. If your Rails appliation needs to modify the models, this can be done using ActiveSupport.on_load hooks in initializers. The block passed to on_load hook is evaluated in the context of the model class, so defining method and including modules will work just like reopeninng the class, but ActiveSupport.on_load ensures that the monkey patches will work after reloading in development mode. Each class has a different on_load name, which is just the class name converted to an underscored symbol, so Mdm::ApiKey runs the :mdm_api_key load hooks, etc.

# Gemfile
gem :metasploiit_data_models, :git => git://, :tag => 'v0.3.0'

# config/initializers/metasploit_data_models.rb
ActiveSupport.on_load(:mdm_api_key) do
    # Returns the String obfuscated token for display. Meant to avoid CSRF
    # api-key stealing attackes.
    def obfuscated_token
      token[0..3] + "****************************"

Metasploit Framework

In Metasploit Framework, MetasploitDataModels.require_models is called by the Msf::DbManager to use the data models only if the user wants to use the database.


NOTE: This isn't in RubyGems yet. Using a Gemfile entry pointing to this repo (i.e., using Bundler) is the suggested option for now.

Usage outside of Rapid7 is still alpha, as reflected in the pre-1.0.0 version, and we're not making many promises. That being said, usage is easy:

connection_info = YAML.load_file("path/to/rails-style/db_config_file")

Basically you need to do the following things:

  1. Establish an ActiveRecord connection. A Rails config/database.yml is ideal for this.
  2. MetasploitDataModels.require_models

Developer Info


The gem includes a console based on Pry

Give it a path to a working MSF database.yml file for full ActiveRecord-based access to your data.

Note: "development" mode is hardcoded into the console currently.