rhuidean -- a small, lightweight IRC client library

This program is free but copyrighted software; see the LICENSE file.

Information and repositories can be found on GitHub.


  1. Credits
  2. Installation
  3. Contact and support

    1. CREDITS ----------

Rhuidean is not based on any other code. I wrote the majority of it in a single day as a way to try out a Ruby-based event system and as an exercise writing in The Ruby Way. As such, rhuidean's code is very clean and concise, and it also offers clever ways of accomplishing basic and advanced tasks.

The current active development/maintenance is done by:

Almost all of the testing was also done by me, with help from:

And others on irc.malkier.net.

  1. INSTALLATION ---------------

This should be as simple as:

$ gem install rhuidean

If you're installing from the development repository, you may build a gem based on the current code and install it by doing:

$ rake gem
$ gem install pkg/rhuidean-*.gem

There's just not much else to it.

  1. CONTACT AND SUPPORT ----------------------

For bug or feature reports, please use GitHub's issue tracking.

If you're reporting a bug, please include information on how to reproduce the problem. If you can't reproduce it there's probably nothing we can do. If the library crashed, be sure to include Ruby's backtrace information.

If your problem requires extensive debugging in a real-time situation, you can usually find us on irc.malkier.net in #malkier.

If you've read this far, congratulations. You are among the few elite people that actually read documentation. Thank you.