webkit_remote is a Ruby gem for driving Google Chrome and possibly other WebKit-based browsers via the WebKit remote debugging protocol.

This gem adds support for some of the unstable features in the WebKit remote debugging protocol. To see all the unstable protocol features, search for "hidden": true in the protocol schema.


This gem currently implements the following unstable features in the WebKit remote debugging protocol.

  • Overriding device attributes
  • CSS computed styles
  • DOM focusing, hit testing, and box model information


The requirements for webkit_remote apply, namely you need a Google Chrome installation, and you can use Xvfb for headless testing.


Use RubyGems to install webkit_remote_unstable instead of webkit_remote, and enjoy living on the bleeding edge.

gem install webkit_remote_unstable


See the project's YARD documentation and test cases for usage examples.


Please contribute support for stable features to webkit_remote and support for unstable features at webkit_remote_unstable.

  • Check out the latest master to make sure the feature hasn't been implemented or the bug hasn't been fixed yet.
  • Check out the issue tracker to make sure someone already hasn't requested it and/or contributed it.
  • Fork the project.
  • Start a feature/bugfix branch.
  • Commit and push until you are happy with your contribution.
  • Make sure to add tests for it. This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.
  • Please try not to mess with the Rakefile, version, or history. If you want to have your own version, or is otherwise necessary, that is fine, but please isolate to its own commit so I can cherry-pick around it.


Copyright (c) 2012 Victor Costan. See LICENSE.txt for further details.