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A Hydra-based Rails Engine that extends an application, adding the ability to Create, Read, Update and Destroy (CRUD) objects (based on Hydra::Works) and providing a generator for defining object types with custom workflows, views, access controls, etc.


Checkout the dependencies for curation_concerns-models, which is installed as part of curation_concerns.

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'curation_concerns'

And then execute:

$ bundle install

Then run the install generator. You will be prompted if you want to overwrite the default app/controllers/catalog_controller.rb, to which you should type Y (yes). If you don't want to be prompted on overwrite, you may run the generator with the -f (force) option.

$ rails generate curation_concerns:install
$ rake db:migrate



To generate a new object type, use the curation_concerns:work Rails generator. Follow the usage instructions provided on the command line when you run:

$ rails generate curation_concerns:work

Virus Detection

To turn on virus detection, install clamav on your system and add the clamav gem to your Gemfile

gem 'clamav'


If you are modifying the curation_concerns gem and want to run the test suite, follow these steps to set up the test environment.

$ rake ci

Or you can do all the steps manually:

$ solr_wrapper -p 8985 -d solr/config/ --collection_name hydra-test

# in another window
$ fcrepo_wrapper -p 8986 --no-jms

# in another window
$ rake engine_cart:generate
$ rake curation_concerns:spec