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Full documentation is at http://katello.github.io/katello


Katello is a systems life cycle management tool. It allows you to manage hundreds and thousands machines with one click. Katello can pull content from remote repositories into isolated environments, make subscriptions management easier and provide provisioning at scale.

Currently, it is able to handle Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux based systems.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get stable version of Katello up and running is following Katello Wiki Installation Instructions.

If you like living on the edge, go for nightly builds instead.

Found a bug?

That's rather unfortunate. But don't worry! We can help. Just file a bug on our Bugzilla or in Github.


See development instructions.

What's included in this repository:

  • script - various development scripts
  • actual Rails app of Katello

Contact & Resources


Documentation is generated with YARD and hosted at http://katello.github.io/katello/. This documentation is intended for developers, user documentation can be found on wiki. Developer documentation contains:

  • code documentation
  • high level guides to architectures and implementation details
  • how-tos

Note: older developer guides can be found on our wiki, they are being migrated.

How to

Current documentation




  • DB schema documentation
  • Original Rails generated README RailsReadme, we may do certain things differently

    • we use doc directory for storing markdown guides instead of a generated documentation