Pantry: Modern DevOps Automation

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Pantry takes the tedium out of setting up a DevOps stack by providing framework for storing, sharing, and running server provisioning and configuration. Whether your stack is Chef or Puppet, Docker or Packer, or any mix of tools, Pantry doesn't care!


Install Pantry via Rubygems on all servers and local machines:

gem install pantry


Pantry depends on Celluloid and ZeroMQ. Pantry is built for Ruby 2.0 and later and requires Rubygems 2.1 and later.


Pantry has three main aspects: the Server, a Client, and the CLI. Pantry provides command-line tools for all of these.

Starting the Server: pantry-server -c /path/to/server.yml

Starting a Client: pantry-client -c /path/to/client.yml

Running the CLI: pantry --help

For more information, see Getting Started.


The Documentation for Pantry is available at and the RDoc is served up at

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  • Fork this repository on Github
  • Make your changes and send us a Pull Request
  • All Pull Requests must contain tests
  • Pull Request tests must pass before being accepted


Pantry is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.