Pantry Chef

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Pantry Chef is a plugin for Pantry to host and serve up Chef data (cookbooks, environments, roles, and data bags). Chef is run on Clients using chef-solo.


Install the plugin on all nodes in the Pantry network:

gem install pantry-chef


Once installed, using Pantry Chef is simple. You'll need to upload each of your cookbooks to the server.

pantry chef:cookbook:upload COOKBOOK_DIR

For application specific files (environments, roles, and data bags) you need to specify an application for uploading

pantry -a [application] chef:environment:upload ENVIRONMENT_FILE

Once all files are uploaded, trigger a Chef run on all clients:

pantry chef:run

More details can be found at


The Documentation for Pantry is available at and the RDoc is served up at

Project Details


  • Fork this repository on Github
  • Make your changes and send us a Pull Request
  • All Pull Requests must contain tests
  • Pull Request tests must pass before being accepted


Pantry Chef is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.