Otwarte Zabytki


The project is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license. You can find the whole text of the license here.

Requirements (for OS X)

Your machine should be equipped with: - homebrew - ruby 1.9.2 or higher (we recommend using rbenv) - git - bundle - web browser e.g. chrome or safari

Application setup (for OS X)

  brew update
  brew install elasticsearch memcached postgresql imagemagick aspell --lang=pl
  brew pin elasticsearch postgresql
  cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
  # create database and database users for dev and testing
  bundle install
  gunzip -c db/dump/%m_%d_%Y.sql.gz | script/rails db
  bundle exec rake db:migrate
  bundle exec rake db:seed

Set up elastic search:

  bundle exec rake relic:reindex

[Attention] Updating settings.yml

After editing this file you have to edit also variables.js.etc in assets. If you don't do that, the settings won't be applied.

Dumping database

  pg_dump -h localhost -cxOWU user_name db_name | gzip > db/dump/$(date +"%m_%d_%Y").sql.gz

Redactor.js license

Redactor.js is proprietary software, you can disable it by issuing following commands:

  rm $(find app -type f -name 'redactor*')
  sed -i '.bak' '/redactor/d' $(grep -l -E '/redactor|)\.redactor' -r app)

I18n translations

  • Every new translation key add to pl.yml with default value.
  • On deploy default values are copied to database via bash rake tolk:sync.
  • To change translation on production use tolk or inline interface (you muse be an admin).
  • To change sync local yaml file with production run: bash script/load_production_translations this make dump on production load it to local db run sync and dump merged yml file.



500 : {"error":"SearchPhaseExecutionException[Failed to execute phase [query], total failure; shardFailures {[_na_][development-relics][0]: No active shards}{[_na_][development-relics][1]: No active shards}{[_na_][development-relics][2]: No active shards}{[_na_][development-relics][3]: No active shards}{[_na_][development-relics][4]: No active shards}]","status":500}


rm -rf /usr/local/var/elasticsearch/elasticsearch_$(whoami)/*
elasticsearch restart

Code documentation

  gem install yard redcarpet

in application directory run ruby yard -o public/system/doc current code documentation is available on http://otwartezabytki.pl/system/doc/index.html

API documentation

is available on http://otwartezabytki.pl/apidoc/index.html