This is a wrapper for the Pygments syntax highlighter. It can be used to highlight a wide variety of languages in a wide variety of formats.

API documentation is available on rdoc.info.


All functionality is available through the Pygments module. Highlighting is done via the highlight method, like so (reformatted for readability:

Pygments.highlight("Some.ruby(:code)", :ruby, :html, :nowrap => true)
  #=> <span class="no">Some</span>
      <span class="o">.</span>
      <span class="n">ruby</span>
      <span class="p">(</span>
      <span class="ss">:code</span>
      <span class="p">)</span>

Stylesheets and such can be retrieved via the style method.


rb-pygments requires that Pygments be installed. Since Pygments is written in Python, it needs to be installed manually. If you've got easy_install, you can do

easy_install Pygments

Otherwise, it can be downloaded here.