New Relic Platform Agent SDK


  • Tested with Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.3, 2.0.0

Note: In Ruby 1.8.7 SSL is disabled by default due to issues with how Net::HTTP handles connection timeouts. If you override this the plugin may occasionally stop reporting data and require a restart. To override you can add the following to newrelic: section of the newrelic_config.yml.

 endpoint: ''

Get Started

This repo represents the core Ruby gem used to build plugin agents for the New Relic platform. If you are looking to build or use a platform component, please refer to the getting started documentation.

Install this gem by running gem install newrelic_plugin or add it to your bundler Gemfile like this:

gem "newrelic_plugin"

Alternatively you can build and install the gem locally:

git clone
cd newrelic_plugin
rake build
gem install pkg/newrelic_plugin*


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Also available is community support on Stack Overflow.

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