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kitchen-terraform is a set of Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configuration .



kitchen-terraform is packaged as a cryptographically signed Ruby gem which means it can be installed with Bundler.

Adding kitchen-terraform to a Terraform project

Once Bundler is installed, add kitchen-terraform to the project's Gemfile:

source "" do
  gem "kitchen-terraform", "~> 3.0"

Then, use Bundler to install the gems:

bundle install


kitchen-terraform provides three Test Kitchen plugins which must be used together in the Test Kitchen configuration in order to successfully test Terraform configuration:

  • a driver that creates and destroys Terraform state;

  • a provisioner that applies changes to existing Terraform state;

  • a verifier that verifies the state and behaviour of resources in the Terraform state.

Refer to the gem documentation for more information about kitchen-terraform's design and behaviour.

Refer to the Getting Started Tutorial for a detailed walkthrough of setting up and using kitchen-terraform.

Refer to the tutorials for example Terraform projects using various Terraform providers .