Tiny web / IRC application that announces commits for GitLab repositories via IRC. Built with Sinatra and cinch. Uses GitLab's web hooks, no voodoo required.

Example message:

[gitlab-irc(master)] nTraum | initial commit |


  • Redis (already installed if you run it on the same host as GitLab)
  • Ruby 2.0 (older versions may work as well)
  • (tmux / screen)

Installation & Usage

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Install required gems: cd gitlab-irc; gem install bundler; bundle
  3. Edit config/config.yml to your needs (e.g. IRC channel and server)
  4. Start the app: foreman start in a tmux / screen shell
  5. Add a web hook pointing to the app: http://localhost/commit:4567 (host / port may differ, depending on your configuration)


gitlab-irc is released under the MIT License.