Make load and performance a fun sport.

  • Run a sprint from around the world
  • Rush your API and website to scale it out
  • Condition your site around the clock

Getting started

Login to and in the blitz bar type: --api-key

Now gem install blitz

and run a sprint like this: blitz curl --region california

and you can rush like this: blitz curl --region california --pattern 1-100:60

Using the couch:fuzz command

Simply point this blitz gem to your CouchDB URL and we'll auto generate full parameterized tests that you can use to measure view performance.

blitz http://localhost:5984 my_database

will generate tests like this:

-v:l number[1,10] -v:gl number[1,5] http://dell-5:5984/my_database/_design/pcaps/_view/by_service?group=true&limit=#{l}&group_level=#{gl}
-v:sk alpha[4,12] -v:ek alpha[4,12] -v:l number[1,10] -v:id [true,false] http://dell-5:5984/my_database/_design/pcaps/_view/indexed?startkey=%22am#{sk}%22&endkey=%22ykz#{ek}%22&include_docs=#{id}&limit=#{l}

which you can simply copy/paste to the Your CouchDB must be on the public cloud though.

Using blitz gem on your application

You can integrate blitz gem to your application and run tests whenever you want.


require 'blitz'


result = Blitz::Curl.parse('-r california').execute


require 'blitz'


result = Blitz::Curl.parse('-r california -p 10-50:30').execute do |partial|
    pp [ partial.region, partial.timeline.last.hits ]

Copyright (c) 2011 Mu Dynamics. See LICENSE.txt for further details.