Shapelib bindings for Ruby

This is a wrapper module of Shapefile C Library for Ruby. Originally authored by

How to install

  • Install the shapelib C library with your Unix package management system.
  • It is expected to run on all ruby-running environments. But it is tested only on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and Vine Linux 3.0.


Install MacPorts. Use it to install the shapelib C library:

sudo port install shapelib

Now install the Rubygem:

gem install shapelib


  • I have shapelib installed but the build fails

Try --with-shapelib-include= and --with-shapelib-lib= options: gem install shapelib -- --with-shapelib-include=...

If above advice doesn't help, please visit and post an issue.

How to use

Please see doc/Interface.html.

License issues

Ruby-ShapeLib is provided under LGPL or ShapeLib's MIT-style default license.