An SVG renderer for the Prawn PDF library.

This will take an SVG file as input and render it into your PDF. Find out more about the Prawn PDF library at:

Using prawn-svg

Prawn::Document.generate("svg.pdf") do
  svg svg_data, :at => [x, y], :width => w

:at must be specified.

:width, :height, or neither may be specified; if neither is present, the resolution specified in the SVG will be used.

:cache_images, if set to true, will cache images per document based on their URL.

Supported features

prawn-svg is in its infancy and does not support the full SVG specifications. It currently supports:

  • line tag
  • polyline tag
  • polygon tag
  • circle tag
  • ellipse tag (although this seems to be buggy)

  • rect tag supports rounded rects, but only one radius is applied to all corners

  • path tag supports moveto, closepath, lineto, horiz lineto, vert lineto, curveto, smooth curveto, quad curveto, smooth quad curveto does not support elliptical arc

  • text and tspan tags attributes: size, text-anchor, font-family, font-weight, dx, dy

  • svg, g and symbol tags

  • use tag

  • style tag, if css_parser gem is installed on the system (see CSS section below)

  • image tag, only with http/https schemes

  • clipPath tag

  • attributes/styles: fill, stroke, stroke-width, opacity, fill-opacity, stroke-opacity, transform, clip-path

  • transform methods: translate, rotate, scale, matrix

  • colors: HTML standard names, #xxx, #xxxxxx, rgb(1, 2, 3), rgb(1%, 2%, 3%)

  • measurements specified in pt, cm, dm, ft, in, m, mm, yd, %

  • fonts: generic CSS fonts, built in PDF fonts, and any TTF fonts in your fonts path

By default, prawn-svg has a fonts path of ["/Library/Fonts", "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/**"] to catch Mac OS X and Debian Linux users. You can add to the font path:

  Prawn::Svg.font_path << "/my/font/directory"


If the css_parser gem is installed, it will handle CSS style definitions, but only simple tag, class or id definitions. It's very basic so do not expect too much of it.

Not supported

prawn-svg does NOT support external references, measurements in en or em, sub-viewports, gradients/patterns or markers.

Copyright Roger Nesbitt MIT licence.