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This is a Ruby client library for the Deltacloud API.


API_URL = "http://localhost:3001/api" # Deltacloud API endpoint

# Simple use-cases
client = Deltacloud::Client(API_URL, 'mockuser', 'mockpassword')

pp client.instances           # List all instances
pp client.instance('i-12345') # Get one instance

inst = client.create_instance 'ami-1234', :hwp_id => 'm1.small' # Create instance

inst.reboot!  # Reboot instance

# Advanced usage

# Deltacloud API supports changing driver per-request:

client.use(:ec2, 'API_KEY', 'API_SECRET').instances # List EC2 instances
client.use(:openstack, 'admin@tenant', 'password', KEYSTONE_URL).instances # List Openstack instances

Full documentation available here


  • Test AeolusProject for compatibility

Want help?

Adding new Deltacloud collection to client

$ rake generate[YOUR_COLLECTION] # eg. 'storage_snapshot'
# Hit Enter 2x
  • Edit lib/deltacloud/client/methods/YOUR_COLLECTION.rb and add all methods for manipulating your collection. The list/show methods should already be generated for you, but double-check them.

  • Edit lib/deltacloud/client/model/YOUR_COLLECTION.rb and add model methods. Model methods should really be just a syntax sugar and exercise the Deltacloud::Client::Methods methods. The purpose of model class life is to deserialize XML body received from Deltacloud API to a Ruby class.

Debugging a nasty bug?

  • You can easily debug deltacloud-client using powerful pry.

    • gem install deltacloud-core
    • optional: rbenv rehash ;-)
    • deltacloudd -i mock -p 3002
    • rake console

Console require pry gem installed. If you are not using this awesome gem, you can fix it by gem install pry.


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004