# Introduction

Pakyow is a web framework for Ruby that knocks out projects with a serious punch. Pound for pound its the best way to build a web app. Get ready to rumble.

Pakyow brings a unique approach to development:

## Views are views. Views are 100% HTML, no template language required. The view has finally been freed from logic.

## Views are data aware. A view knows what it presents. Use this to create powerful connections between business logic and views.

## Keep you moving forward. Prototype an app by building the views first. Then write the view logic without changing a single view.

There are two main components of Pakyow. The first is Pakyow Core, which handles routing requests to business logic. The second component is Pakyow Presenter, which gives an application the ability to have a presentation layer and provides mechanisms for the controller to bind data to the presentation layer. Pakyow Core can operate independently of Pakyow Presenter for those cases where an application doesn't need a presentation layer.

# Getting Started

  1. Install Pakyow:

gem install pakyow

  1. Create a new Pakyow application from the command prompt:

pakyow new webapp

  1. Move to the “webapp” directory and start the application:

cd webapp; pakyow server

  1. You'll find the application running here: localhost:3000

# Next Steps

The following resources might be handy:

Website: pakyow.com

Manual: pakyow.com/manual

Code: github.com/metabahn/pakyow