Vegas is a virtual file system implemented via FUSE. It is a project intended to test the application of REST system archetecture to a virtual file system for a POSIX environment.

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Vegas requires both Ruby and Fuse to run. It has been tested on Mac OS X with MacFUSE.

You can install ruby by downloading the source code for ruby 1.8.7. Ruby's packaging system, RubyGems, should be installed as well. It can be obtained here.

MacFUSE can be downloaded here.


There is no install procedure for Vegas at this time, but you can run it directly out of the source directory.

First, ensure that you have bundler installed:

$ gem install bundler

All other ruby depenencies can then be installed with the bundle command.

$ bundle install


In depth instructions are available in the project document, but in short, you first create the directory you want to mount vegas to

$ mkdir t

then mount it with the vegas script:

$ ruby -rubygems -Ilib bin/vegas mount t

You can then access the system through the normal command line tools:

$ cat t/user/agentjose1.txt