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Archetype is a UI pattern and component library for quickly iterating on and maintaining scalable web interfaces.



Install the gem

[sudo] gem install archetype --pre

Instead of installing the gem directly via the command line, we recommend using Bundler to manage your gem dependencies.

Creating a new project with Archetype

compass create ~/workspace/your-project -r archetype --using archetype

Adding Archetype to an existing Compass project

In your config.rb, add

require "archetype"

Import Archetype into your Sass file

@import "archetype";

Learn more about Archetype configuration.



Archetype was originally written by Eugene O'Neill.


Special Thanks


This project couldn't have been made possible without the amazing work by the following heroes:

  • Dave Gandy for his awesome work on FontAwesome
  • Chris Eppstein and other contributors of Compass for building an amazing framework, and for some great scaffolding code we've borrowed
  • Nathan Weizenbaum and contributors for making CSS fun again
  • Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal for some Normalize.css greatness
  • Nicolas Gallagher, Jonathan Neal, Kroc Camen, Paul Irish, and others for HTML5 Boilerplate