Simple Menu Plugin for Rails

This is still under active development. Feel free to fork and hack.


  • Possible to have muliple menus in same page
  • Current Tab selection (set the @current_tab with the tab(s) you want to select for current controller/action.)
  • Automatic URL derivation.
  • Customize the URL, link text (supports html tags)
  • Supports html options. Specify custom ids and classes
  • Provide a custom seperator

Some example cases

1. menu_tag :main-menu, :seperator => "|" do |menu| if current_user menu.item :settings, :url => account_path menu.item :help, :url => "#" menu.item :sign_out else menu.item :signup, :text => "Create an account", :url => new_user_path menu.item :sign_in, :url => new_user_session_path end end

2. menu_tag :manage, :class => "sidemenu" do |menu| menu.item :clients, :text => "Clients
Your contacts & address book" menu.item :items, :text => "Items
Tasks, products and services" end