A modular ruby-based IRC bot with a powerful but simple plugin interface


gem install zmb


gem uninstall zmb
rm -rf ~/.zmb # If you used the default settings location

Creating a bot

This command will use the default settings location of ~/.zmb, you can pass -s <PATH> to change this.

zmb --wizard

Launching the bot

zmb --daemon

Using the bot in command shell mode

You can run zmb in a shell mode to test plugins without even connecting to any irc servers. It will create a shell where you can enter commands.

zmb --shell

Included plugins

  • IRC - Connect to a IRC server
  • Quote
  • Poll - Voting system
  • Relay - Relay between servers and/or channels
  • Users - User management
  • Log - Log everything said in a channel
  • GCalc - Execute a expression using google calculator
  • Announce - Send message to a channel automatically in a certain amount of time
  • DNS - Perform DNS, RDNS and whois lookups
  • NickServ - Log into NickServ
  • Security - Hashes, rot13, and morse code
  • Random - Pick a random value from a list, yes or no, coinflip
  • URL - Dpaste, pastie, bitly, tinyurl, isgd
  • Translate - Translate a message into another language
  • RSS - Subscribe and watch RSS/ATOM feeds
  • Usermodes - Auto opping, voicing users in a channel
  • Weather - Get the weather for a town/city
  • Bank - Points system

Other features

  • Piping commands together

    .help | pastie


You can find support at #zmb @ efnet.